This is a standard session and the most affordable. Typically I can do this in your own home. This makes it more comfortable for you, and you have everything where you need it. This usually takes 2 hours, however, I am not a stickler for time. You will receive 50 edited photographs.

For this I ask $200

Service unique

This is a service which is all about your uniqueness. How you want to be seen. Artistic nude, erotic, naughty, classical, tattoos, body art, costumes, or anything you can possibly imagine and you want to capture it forever. This would take longer than the standard session, but again, time is not important, getting it right is. You will receive 100 Unique images.

For this I ask $300



This is the most personal and most challenging perhaps. I want to talk to you, and strip away all the masks so many of us wear. There may be laughter, there may be tears, but it will be raw, and real. This can be done in your home, your special place, in nature, or anywhere else you can imagine you want to be. You will receive 250 Uniques images.

For this I ask $500


Under Construction.