I am a photographer who does not want to take “photos”.

There are lots of people out there taking photos, even more taking snapshots. Instagram, facebook, pinterest and the like, and that is fine.

There are photographers who capture amazing and beautiful images too.

Don’t mistake this for me making your photos look good, as I will edit them and present the best version of you, just like you would put makeup on and get dressed up before you went out for example. These photos will be you and all I do when editing is enhancing your already present beauty.

I want to create something Unique. Something You. ITZU is the only unique you.

I don’t want to do photoshoots either. I want to go on a journey with you. I want you to tell your story. I want to go with you as you discover, that you are like no other human on this planet. There is only one of you and you are beautiful.

ITZU. And nobody else but you, boo boop de doo. Haha.